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Can research at the end of life be a useful tool to advance HIV cure?

Gianella STaylor JBrown TRKaytes AAchim CLMoore DJLittle SJEllis RJSmith DM.

Published in the AIDS journal in January of 2017.

Art made from the words of terminally ill patients infected with HIV, as described in the paper above.


Willingness to participate in HIV research at the end of life (EOL)

Katya Prakash, Sara Gianella , Karine Dubé, Jeff Taylor, GaYoung Lee, Davey M. Smith

Published in the PLOS ONE Journal in July of 2018.

Ethical considerations for HIV cure-related research at the end of life

Karine Dubé, Sara Gianella, Susan Concha-Garcia, Susan J Little, Andy Kaytes, Jeff TaylorKushagra Mathur, Sogol Javadi, Anshula Nathan, Hursch Patel, Stuart Luter, Sean Philpott-Jones, Brandon Brown, and Davey Smith
Published in the BMC Medical Ethics Journal in October of 2018.
Sarah Reardon

Last Gift was quoted in this Nature article in October of 2018.

HIV persists throughout deep tissues with repopulation from multiple anatomical sources 

Antoine Chaillon, Sara Gianella, Simon Dellicour, Stephen A. Rawlings, Timothy E. Schlub, Michelli Faria De Oliveira, Caroline Ignacio, Magali Porrachia, Bram Vrancken, Davey M. Smith

Published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation in January of 2020.